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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Bra shopping!!!

So, I went shopping today for a bra for my wedding dress. This sounds like an easy thing to shop for. Wrong! I normally never wear a bra because I am very small up top. I really only wanted it to help smooth everything out and help the dress fit better. My dress is ivory and I wanted an ivory bra to wear underneath. Not only were there no ivory bras, but there were none in my size. I was exhausted. I left the mall and went home. I have until Tuesday to find one. If I don't have one by then, then no bra.

I was also looking for some lingerie for the honeymoon. I swear they only make stuff for large breasted chics. It was all very trashy looking and the fabrics the stuff was made of was horrible. It made my skin crawl. Yuck!


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