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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Wedding Preparation

My dress is in. I had my first fitting on Tuesday. It is beautiful. I would post a picture, but it isn't online anywhere. After all the hassle I went through trying to find a bra (I went again on Monday and actually bought one that did not even fit), turns out I don't even need one with the dress. It looks so much better without. Ha!

My sister was in town for a few days to help assemble invites and we went to Mario Tricoci for manicures to test out the salon for the wedding day. We got a free makeup application for being first time customers. Let me tell ya, Tammy Faye did not have anything to brag about after we left there. I couldn't wipe that crap off my face fast enough. We liked our manicures though and booked appointments for the wedding day. Another thing checked off the list.

We then went to MAC to buy new makeup and had a fabulous time. I had recently bought some Stila powder and I am not enjoying it at all. I have problem skin and I need more than what the powder was giving me. I love Stila's packaging, but it wasn't enought to keep me coming back. I don't know why I ever stopped using MAC makeup. I love it. I bought Kara this awesome lip stuff from there. It is like buttah. I would have got some for myself, but I bought an entire new supply of makeup.


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